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Reward men and women of the complex world of science.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 17 enero, 2020

Men and women in Matanzas are dedicated to the complex world of research and scientific creation gathered at the Hall of Mirrors of the Sauto Theater to celebrate the provincial event for the Day of Cuban Science.

On that occasion, in the presence of representatives of the centers of the Matanzas science, technology and innovation system, of companies and universities, the CITMA awards were given, 15 of the 18 that opted for the award.

Of that award, one of the laureates, the master in science Mabelkis Torres Rosabal, head of the department of the botanical garden of the University of Matanzas, commented.

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Among the awarded works, six were selected with the special distinctions of greater scientific contribution, obtained by the Doctor of Science Yanán Camarada Medina.

The one with the greatest economic impact came to the hands of the Doctors of Science Marcelino Rivas Santana and Ramón Maybe Sardíñaz, for a two-handed and solo work to the Doctor of Science Agustín Beruvides Rodríguez.

The distinction with the greatest social impact was received by the Master in Science Lena Alonso Triana, the environmental impact Gertrudis Pentón Fernández and the contribution to local development by the Masters in Sciences Eduardo Triana Álvarez and Teresa Reyes Camelo.

And it is precisely Lena Alonso Triana who told us about the value of these badges.

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The meeting was also conducive to recognize the workers Lorenzo Miret, Maribel Pérez, Marixma Millares, Ivón Navarro and Rosa Medina Valió with the distinction Juan Tomás Roig that delivers the National Union of Education, Science and Sports.


Especially significant was the moment dedicated to the delivery of the winners of the new calls launched by the CITMA of the province to opt for the Manuel Presas y Morales Distinction for young scientific talent and the Juan Cristóbal Gundlach Honorary Award for excellence in scientific career .








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