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The clandestine bestiality.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 17 enero, 2020

Is there really any being who believes that acts of vandalism or other bestialities that occur to a despicable group are going to have popular follow-up in #Cuba, that some decent person will echo their slogans or horrendous messages?

Every day I reaffirm my revolutionary convictions because I observe that their actions are the objective image of what they think and how they would destroy the country and the Cuban families.

All I know is that they show no knowledge of the patriotic essences of our people. They are frustrated people, isolated, with bad instincts and bad performances, rude and vulgar, lazy in many cases, who look for easy money without working, in short, mercenaries of the worst race, allied to the empire.

The misnamed majority of them is 90 miles away, justifying the money they pay. And I say bad call, because there in #EEUU there are many decent Cubans, who love their family and seek peace and the good path of relations between both countries.

He does not know what people are going to do, but it is getting worse and worse, for which they deserve a strong condemnation.

José Martí, Maceo, Céspedes, Fidel, Camilo, Che Guevara, the beloved Cuban flag, the National Anthem and the shield of the Royal Palm are venerated! They represent earthly feelings, inspired by those great sacrifices and hopes that make us better people and for those who are willing to fight the true majority of Cubans.







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