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Tomorrow begins in Matanzas national day for the Day of the Food Worker.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 19 enero, 2020

The optimal combination of trade union and productive efficiency indicators won the western province of Matanzas the headquarters of the national act to start the day for January 25, Labor Day of the Food Industry.

Mercedes Hernández Morgan, general secretary of the provincial Bureau of the Union of Food and Fisheries Workers in this territory, said that the result constitutes a well-deserved stimulus for the men and women of a guild with the social responsibility of producing food.

«It was a hard year, with many fuel shortages, essential raw material such as flour, among other obstacles that affected the plans, but not the will of the Matanzas workers, who imposed themselves on those difficulties.»

She said that it is a collective achievement of the managers of the units and of the more than 5 thousand 684 members who occupy positions in their sector also responsible for import substitution.

She cited the El Barquillo factory local development project as the group with the best results among the three of the Commercial Basic Business Unit (UEB), a valid income to host the national act on January 25th.

It is worthwhile, she pondered, that in a province where so many factories sought alternatives to deal with the energy situation, it is precisely this local development initiative that led the singer. “They are examples of tenacity, constancy. They are efficient and fulfill their commitments to provide food to the people and income for the development of other projects. ”

In the act announced for Monday, the best performing UEBs will be stimulated in the year ended, among which the Commercial de Matanzas, the municipality of Martí, the Ciénaga de Zapata and the Metallic and Electrical Constructions (COMELEC) stand out. .

Bucanero and Havana Club marketers will also receive recognition, two groups that opt ​​for higher categories in socialist emulation, such as the National Vanguard.

The script sets aside for the best workers, among them the renowned innovator of the Yumurí Specialties crackers factory, Yosvany Rivero González, and they will also be awarded the distinction Pedro Marrero Aizpurúa, hero of the sector, staff with 20 and 25 years of uninterrupted work in the Food Industry.

In 1971, the Plenary of Production, Productivity and constitutive of the National Food Industry Union, chaired by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, took place on January 25th in the CTC Theater, in the capital of the country.

Subsequently, the First National Congress of the Union met where it is agreed to declare on January 25th as the Food Industry Worker Day.

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