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Female red tide.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 20 enero, 2020

There is much talk about the passion that the ball unleashes in Cuba. The ninth, bat and round in motion make each Cuban a player, manager or baseball critic and makes him enjoy our national sport.

Matanzas champ !, is one of the most repeated phrases in the Athens of Cuba in the 59 National Baseball Series that returned the joy to the followers of the Crocodiles, while it revealed that this game manages to fill all the bases when your team arrives or Reach the title in the final.

And beyond the dispute between men and women to see the ball or novel, this championship showed the female face for the sport of balls and strikes.

I include myself in this porphyry that debates in many homes between Cubavisión and Tele Rebelde, I confess, that giving the red carpet to this last channel that made me enjoy to the core of the long-awaited crown.

As every Matanzas who, by free and spontaneous will, went out in search of the “crocodile” applause to his players, I was overwhelmed by the massive participation of women who also, and without any chauvinism, were the majority in the last game held at the Victoria de Girón stadium.

A female red tide also supported our national pastime, and not to mention more, the ball is still a sport that moves crowds.











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