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#Cuba. Increase in salary and pensions.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 17 octubre, 2020

Although the explanation that Marino Murillo Jorge offered about the process of economic and social ordering at the Round Table was quite technical, because it was worth it, nevertheless it was understandable for the general public who stopped to listen to it and not for those who still follow rumors . There are many who do not quite understand the salary increase by 4.9 and pensions by five.

So that it is understood a little better. If Cuba currently has a pension fund of one hundred, with the ordering process this fund will rise to 500. This does not mean that all pensioners will receive five times what they receive now. There will be someone who is increased five times and others one, two or three. That has not yet been explained as it will be.

The same goes for the salary fund. Murillo Jorge made it clear that there will be a salary increase for everyone and that this will be determined by various factors, yet to be publicly confirmed. He explained that the minimum wage will be governed by the price of the basic food basket and a little more.


The Cuban relates basic basket with what he receives regulated by the supply card, many coined that this is a national term. The basic basket is a meter with international scope, with particularities by countries.

They make up the basic basket, not only food products, but also other necessities for the proper development of the home.

Now with the new price regulations for products and other necessities of life, the cost of the basic basket will be determined and from there, the minimum wage. This is a process that has a lot to do with the average number of people in the Cuban family, among other elements.

That is why Murillo said that the minimum wage will be determined by the price of the basic food basket and a little more, which will be used for other purposes. He also pointed out that the minimum pension will be based on the minimum wage.
Let’s debate on the subject, let’s not divert comments to other matters.

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