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Disaster or the tyranny of love.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 19 octubre, 2020

Pedro Jesús Vera’s staging of the play Desastre, written by the playwright Ulises Rodríguez Febles, provokes the tragic overflow of a conflict, latent in many homes in this world. The direction of actors exceeds the imagined. The characters revolve around a room and a supposed tunnel through which a son tries to escape from his elderly mother.

The premiere in Matanzas of the Teatro D´Sur group took place in the Icarón room and when the stage was lit, no one imagined that that helpless, complaining old woman, in a bed, had such strength that she would tyrannize for love a man eager for freedom, with the only Desire to foster their own family without arguments or domestic anger.

And that is achieved by the first actress Miriam Muñoz, with a performance that enhances her histrionic projection. She, in the mother figure, moves and frightens, moving from states of uncertainty and emotional tear, to an authentic tone of command and power. An actress with many awards, deserving more and more of the highest distinctions in the country.

It is supported by the actor Jorge Luis Castillo, organic, content in respect for the mother, desperate in her commitment, from which she does not flee because she fears losing her forever. He looks great on stage, sure of himself and yet so weak before the claims of his loved one. Excellent interpretation.

The minimalist scenery. The soundtrack and light design mark the personalities and accompany the story with their dramatic charge.

This conflict between parents, children and grandchildren exists, it increases with the aging population of the planet as reflected with realistic language and dramatic tones on the rise by the playwright Rodríguez Febles, which the teacher Pedro Vera takes advantage of to, masterfully, maintain a rhythm that captivates the viewer, scrutinizing the feelings of these hapless, who may be you or me, or touch us one day.

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