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Matanzas becomes an essential piece of Cuban culture.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 20 octubre, 2020

The creative force of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba in Matanzas endorses the celebration of the Day for National Culture Day. Its signature is felt in homes, workshops, institutions and squares. It proliferates like a burst of light and turns this city into a distinctive site of the nation.

We spoke with its president, José Manuel Espino, precisely about the perspectives of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba from the headquarters of the branch. What is the manifest feeling around this date?

It is difficult to talk about Matanzas and not see it reflected in its artists who become the essence of what is Cuban. Both the province and its capital. If a city has an art that constitutes a different look, that is the Athens of Cuba, elevated as a reference, because one feels that being at the height of the Matanzas artist is not easy.

«The same city is built from its art, from the urban conception, of a perfect modernity, the sum of its traditions, among these the women playing rumba that leave from the slaves to arrive at the new danzon interpretation that saves what was conceived at the beginning 20th century. It is worth putting those expressive outbursts into dialogue. And it is also evident in the plastic arts, in literary and artistic gatherings, in the scenic boom, in the audiovisual media. »

-What is the new vision that surrounds the City of Bridges in the 21st century with a refreshing air?
“If we look at architecture and creations from a different perspective, without ignoring social conditions, it is difficult to see it as it was seen in previous centuries, says Espino. Now I think we are a contemporary Athens. This can be seen in the transformation of the city for its 325th anniversary, the beauty of the historic center, the rescue of the Sauto theater and the works at the Louvre hotel.

To this is added, in my opinion, the commitment of the Matanzas to take care of what has been achieved; that cultural thrust that has existed before the founding of this region and in homage to our national symbols. »

On the ties between the creators and this blessed land, the multi-award-winning writer confirms:

“I think that, in particular to artists and writers, Matanzas compensates us with a luxury and that is how its inhabitants receive art. There is a knowledgeable audience, people who love what is delivered and are grateful. And a dialogue with the community has been sought to contribute to the spiritual evolution of the people of Matanzas. We appreciate that, for example, by taking up the past on Calle Narváez and rethinking it from current canons. It has nothing to do with the above, but with this inhabitant of today in an environment with renewal breaths. »

They are challenges in a city that is experiencing a new historical moment. They are not the same material aspirations, some will say, but the yearning for creation remains indestructible, those longings for culture that mark the personality of the Matanzas man even a thousand years later.

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