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Tamara Caridad Mesa González 23 octubre, 2020

The biennial Danzandós Choreography and Interpretation Contest, on hiatus due to the pandemic, runs until next Sunday 25th, in a tour of their memories via online and face-to-face closing that will take place in the Hall of Mirrors of the Sauto theater, at 4 : 00 in the afternoon, with the presentation of Spiral Dance and the work Pass on board, directed by the teacher Liliam Padrón.

In addition there will be the awarding of the contest called from the Radio 26 station.
Precisely, the founder of the contest and director of said group explained that previous events will be revived, so you can enjoy videos, images and stories of the dancers on the Facebook pages, Friends of the Matancera Scene and in Performing Arts Matanzas.

She also declared that the event in Matanzas is part of the tribute for the centenary of Prima Ballerina Assoluta Alicia Alonso and stressed that historically this National Choreography and Interpretation Contest is incorporated into a group of events in Cuba that are committed to thinking about dance from the creation, with the possibility of appreciating a movement of young choreographers who continue to value this manifestation from an aesthetic and contemporary connotation.

Regarding this important dance encounter, the critic Andrés D´Abreu has expressed that the dancer and choreographer from Matanzas Liliam Padrón has managed to move “within those effusive wines and the transcultural interweaves that imply paradigmatic and transcendental works in their respective languages ​​and moments . »

Lilian Padron

Although times are difficult, the importance of reviving the Danzandós contest through digital platforms goes beyond face-to-face limits and is established as a means for the development of dance.

This reaffirms the criteria of the researcher Erián Peña, who qualifies it as «well received on the island stage, much more so when this allows you to take the pulse of the choreographic creation and its main interpreters.»

In details about the closing of the important event, the head of the promotional department of Performing Arts, María Antonia Simeón, details that this Sunday, October 25th, at 4:00 in the afternoon, in the Hall of Mirrors, the one that has It has been a virtual edition of the traditional Danzandós Choreography and Interpretation Contest.

This interval in the meeting, which every two years makes Matanzas the capital of dance duos, will close in person at the Matanzas coliseum where Danza Espiral presents a work in progress for the public’s consideration: Pass on board.

The whole company directed by the Padrón dances. In addition, the winners of the radio contest of the program En la radio, from our provincial radio station, dedicated to Danzandós and its history, will be recognized.

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