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In Cuba we always leave our hearts.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 23 octubre, 2020

No matter where he is or how difficult the challenge is, Dr. Yoandris López Sánchez always puts his good soul and professionalism first, two values ​​never abandoned by him, because if he did, “he would stop being me”, he confesses authentically honestly.

Whichever his patient is by chance or choice, he could perceive in him that incessant search for the right thing, for the order, because everything works as it should be. That image gives it away wherever it is. I lived it at the César Escalante Stomatological Clinic, in the city of Matanzas.

As soon as you get on the stomatological chair and Yoandris relieves any pain, uncertainty or the impossible, with his special way of relating. Perhaps that is why he is so surprised, remembered so much this October, two years after his trip to Jamaica, the beautiful Caribbean island where he is a member of the brigade of Cuban aid workers from the Ministry of Health.

As a family they have welcomed him in Jamaica. With workers from Dewar Health Center in Duncan’s, Trelawny.

From the land of Bob Marley, the greatest exponent of the reggae musical genre, Yoandris assures that «wherever you go, you always leave your heart in Cuba, because you leave behind your family, the one who touches you and whom you believe, you leave what you love …»

He talks to me on WhatsApp and I see him crossing Milanés, from Jovellanos street, arm in arm with his little girl, on his way to the primary school where she studies. You look happy. I remind her of it and she says, bluntly, that «it is one of the things that she enjoys the most and that she also misses the most in her daily routine in Matanzas.»

He is a first degree specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine, his passion for Stomatology led him to pursue a master’s degree in Community Oral Health. With 18 years of graduation, he is already in his third work experience outside the country, internationalist work begun in the sister Republic of Venezuela (2004 to 2008), the second in Namibia, Africa (2013-2014) and now in Jamaica.

Perhaps none of the missions has been as complex as the one you now face. The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus Sars-Cov-2 places stomatologists in a risky red zone. «The mouth is a primary source of infection,» he admits without fear.

I have the means to protect myself, from the suit, the hat, masks of all kinds, to the foot protectors. We are obliged, in the place that touches us, to rigorously honor the bio-safety protocols ”.

Treating people well, making them feel safe during healthcare, is a purpose that Yoandris follows to the letter. “I try to ensure that people leave the consultation satisfied. I am doing well with the language and that helps a lot, ”he says.

I work in a parish, within Falmouth Provincial Hospital, the main town and capital of Trelawny Parish, in the county of Cornwall. Sometimes I go to a more rural community, 20 kilometers from the provincial capital.

The group here is excellent, they have welcomed us in a very professional way, as a family, and the goal is to continue working optimally, to achieve better oral health for patients. Let no one worry, because our performance is in line with health standards, to avoid any contagion of the new coronavirus Sars-Cov-2 «.

Anyone who visits Yoandris’ Facebook account will be able to see her attachment to biosecurity measures, her love for family, Cuba and her infinite desire for the best, “because life is about wanting what you do.

«I take this opportunity to send greetings to my colleagues from César Escalante and to the aid workers who provide our services here in Jamaica, especially those here from the Falmouth medical brigade.»

Photos: Courtesy of the interviewee

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