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People in Matanzas continue to inspire the landscapes of Chartrand.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 octubre, 2020

To the delight of the people of Matanzas, the collective exhibition Each person his landscape is exhibited, in homage to the birth of the landscape artist from Limon, Esteban Chartrand (1840-1883), in the Mederos and Por amor al arte galleries, on the Paseo del San Juan on Narváez street , In this city.

The exhibition brings together oil paintings and photographs by 14 creators inspired by the beauty of Matanzas, based on different artistic currents and had the support of students from the art school in its assembly.

At the opening, sponsored by the UNEAC yumurina were Leo García Ramos, its first vice president, and Idania Álvarez, president of the Plastic Arts section. She served as curator-museographer and meant that the selection of this display of landscapes contributes to the promotion of one of the most appreciated themes in the city.

In an interview for Radio 26, the art critic and painter Moisés Rodríguez highlighted purposes and aesthetic concepts of interest valued at the present time:

This exhibition pays tribute to one of the emblematic figures of the plastic arts in Matanzas, Esteban Chartrand, who is considered a pioneer on the national scene in terms of the most professional representation of landscape painting. His presence was inescapable in the catalogs of the time. »

-Who responded to the call with the aim of perpetuating their image?

Many artists came with their paintings: Alfonso Lloréns, Emerio Méndez, Adrián G. Sancho, Eddy Hernández, Jesús Alberto Mederos, Juan M. Vázquez and Lourdes Méndez, along with Arturo Gómez, Daniel Boza and whoever speaks to him.

In photography there are the works of Adversy Alonso, Claudia Padrón, Ernesto Cruz, Julio César García, Ernesto Millán and Rubier Bernabeu.

It is an enriched vision of the landscape, which includes both bucolic, urban and marine, interior, which are more infused with spiritual and even organic features of the human being. The photography also shows the flow of this theme that reaches national reliefs. »

-Is the choice of these gallery-workshops so contiguous to the spatial characteristics of the region intentional?

For Matanzas, this San Juan promenade is essential, a river that plays a leading role in the urban perspective, of whom Francisco Cobo is the leading exponent. And we chose these galleries, that of Mederos, for example, who has an impressive projection, to which the others are added in that communion that exists between creators. »

When referring to the work of the Union of Writers and Artists in Matanzas, Rodríguez meant:
«The UNEAC, as a vanguard of the arts in Matanzas, was in charge of promoting this show, its curatorship and general design, which fell to Idania Álvarez, to achieve with this exhibition the category of a true event in the country’s new normality.»

In the catalog of the exhibition, Lincoln Capote Peón refers to the fact that the painter Esteban Chartrand achieved national consecration, by approaching images in an idyllic, melancholic way, in a soft light that recreates the rural atmosphere.

Capote indicates that «the landscape offers the ideal path that connects subjective or objective spaces, allows direct communication with the viewer, who delights in an extension of reality that reaches deep, thanks to these artists of the genre.»

Preserving origins and cultivating traditions lead to the permanence of authentic values ​​of the national culture in the Athens of Cuba.


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