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Crimes, union movement and the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 noviembre, 2020

Greater effectiveness is needed from the Matanzas trade union movement in preventing and confronting negative manifestations of crime, corruption and illegalities, the only way to truly contribute to the development of the Cuban revolutionary process.

The thesis prevailed in the debates of the last secretariat of the Provincial Committee of the Cuban Trade Workers Union (CTC) in Matanzas, a territory in urgent need of containing crimes to perform in accordance with their real potential, due to its strategic location in the economic structure of the country.

On the matter, crystal clear provided a guest of luxury such as Carmen Elsa Alfonso Oceguera, Chief Comptroller in Matanzas territory, who referred to the relevance of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CCT).When any internal control action is to be carried out, one of the first documents requested is the CCT.

However, the essential guiding instrument is not always up to date. Then, when a criminal act occurs, the first thing the employee says is: “Nobody told me anything, I didn’t know I had to do this or that.Which means that neither the Assembly of Affiliates nor the CCT works.

We must ensure that what establishes the legality of the processes appears included in the Agreement, so that this is not a dead document, ”said Alfonso Oceguera. He insisted on the need to encourage the workforce to feel that «this document endorses the operation of the union section,» so that they see it as their own and know their duties and rights.

The Chief Control Officer explained to the union leaders how the lack of linkage between the financial reality of the companies and internal control is a pending issue to be resolved, and exemplified the attention to pay in the payments for results, so that each money spent has productive support.

Alfonso Oceguera spoke of the convenience of certifying from the union that internal control should constitute a permanent tool for the work of the administration and employees, in order to advance in the implementation of the economic-social strategy, «because while there is lack of control , anything can happen in a work group ”, he emphasized.

That creates a feeling that it is not worth trying when that happens. The Comptroller reflected on the need to promote a different vision about the meaning of audits, the purpose of which should be understood as the possibility of improvements in the organization and demonstrate how well things can be done.

Making Matanzas the most productive province must be achieved on a day-to-day basis and avoiding negative trends in crime, illegality and corruption counts for a lot, emphasized the Chief Comptroller.

Osmar Ramírez Ramírez, general secretary of the CTC in Matanzas, affirmed that in order to save companies from falling into these harmful demonstrations, a more energetic union is needed and capable of reporting when there are undue payment of wages, the workers’ guard is missing or the entities continue without certifying certified accounting.

In the report presented by Aracelia Chávez Martínez, that of Commerce and Gastronomy was cited as one of the unions most affected by crimes, corruption and illegalities, as well as the bad consequences of not doing the workers’ guard or rigorously carrying out the guidelines of internal self-control.



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