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Fidel’s call to the human species .

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 noviembre, 2020

The impact of climate change on natural resources, ecosystems and human activity constitutes one of the main axes of the strategic environmental projection of the country, with the Life Task. Enhancer to the maximum of that will was the Commander in Chief.

In the study Conceptions of Fidel Castro in the protection and preservation of the environment, by Liusmila Sánchez Peralta, from the Marta Abreu Central University, from Las Villas, published in the Caribbean Journal of Social Sciences, it is emphasized how the environmentalist ideas of the maximum leader of the Revolution “are based on an ethical content with a profound humanistic sense.

In its projection, humanism is centered in a conception of man and his place in the environment. All his ideas constitute an essential support in the formation of the personality of the new generations and of the entire society ”.

If we inquire into the multiple reflections that he bequeathed to our people and the world, on January 5th , 2012 the Cuban statesman stated: “We must not ignore that if our wonderful thinking species disappeared, many millions of years would elapse before another emerges again able to think, by virtue of the natural principles that govern as a consequence of the evolution of species … » And he added: «The planet is marching today without politics on this serious problem, while sea levels rise, the enormous ice sheets … are melting with increasing rhythm and humanity has already reached the figure of more than seven billion inhabitants. in the poorest areas of the world it grows steadily and inevitably.

Is it that those who have dedicated themselves to bombing countries and killing millions of people during the last 50 years care about the fate of other peoples? «

Hurricane Irma.

Fidel’s constant concern for the environment was perpetual, based on sustainable development, without leaving behind the necessary education and environmental awareness that man must have, by prioritizing a vital function in educational institutions, since they have the mission to develop environmental knowledge from various angles and expand it in the educational strategy.

It is indisputable that these ideas show his unique ability to understand the future, the result of the conscious study of the realities of the world, precisely so that the importance of joining forces to counteract these phenomena, on which both man and man influence, is understood globally his ferocity against nature.

Powerful reasons for Cuba, following his extraordinary thinking, to take into account the risks to which the Cuban archipelago is subjected, such as droughts, heavy rains, hurricanes, coastal floods and strong winds. The promulgation of the Life Task with its measures aimed at the adaptation and mitigation of climatic effects constitutes one of the most significant decisions of recent times in the country and signifies a real legacy to his humanist work.

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