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English: pending subject.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 25 noviembre, 2020

I started a career in Journalism three years ago. At first, I thought, “I am where I want to be,” since as a child I was fascinated by the idea of ​​interviewing people, hosting a newscast, writing for a newspaper or reporting from anywhere.

The story is not as simple as it seems. Not wanting to tell you the never ending story, I faced an arduous and double process of entrance exams. Yes, double, because I spent a week in Medicine, but I realized instantly that this was not my world.

After learning about it and deciding what to do with my life, I came to the Camilo Cienfuegos University for the competition category. I am there and I am passionate about my studies, although along the way I had to face, like everyone else, one of the common ghosts of current university life: the English level test.


Generally, children and young people value this language as another subject in schools. Perhaps it is because primary and secondary school students still do not feel motivated by what to study or do in the future and they ignore the relevance and power it displays as a communication tool.

According to Irma Coto Muñoz, an English teacher: “The teacher has to be an artist, he has to attract the attention of his students in different ways so that they assimilate the contents. Even so, they do not appreciate its usefulness, since English is necessary in all university careers.

Students do not prioritize it within their academic training and do not take advantage of the professionals they have in their classrooms. They see that they can learn it in a self-taught way or they prefer that their parents pay them for private glasses ”.

Sometimes, to avoid the subject, they say: “I don’t like English”, but almost all the products they consume, music, series, movies, video games, even clothes and shoes, have phrases in that language.

How many times do you listen to Anglo-Saxon music, get carried away by the rhythm of the songs, hum some phrases and don’t even know their meaning. Or how many proudly wear a T-shirt that they like a lot, wearing a sign that reflects some rudeness.

It also happens that, when viewing subtitled materials, they adapt to reading and cancel the sound reception capacity of the words that, if they know Shakespeare’s language, would contribute to the correction of the translation, which at some moments can alter the message content.

There is also the possibility that they will look for work, find an excellent one, but ask for a level of English that they do not have. There is also the dilemma that they are very good professionally and because of language barriers they cannot expand the work curriculum.

Currently, while the spectrum of the Internet and social networks expands with greater speed and voracity, while children, increasingly at younger ages, skillfully handle technological devices, the instruction of English as a universal language should be made aware from the family.

Language is heritage, identity, culture, so learning any language, not just English, opens the doors to knowledge and socialization with other peoples, with their idiosyncrasies, with their customs. Society, universal language, English, Anglo-Saxon music, cover, Shakespeare, Camilo Cienfuegos University




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