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Trade union movement recognizes contributions from Matanzas economists.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 26 noviembre, 2020

As vital in the formation of the cadres of the union movement, the provincial committee of the Cuban Trade Workers Union (CTC) in Matanzas describes the contribution of the Matanzas branch of the Cuban Economy National Association (ANEC), regarding the celebration Today November 26th , the Day of the Cuban Economist and Accountant.

Vladimir González Rodríguez, head of the Economic Affairs sphere of the CTC in the Matanzas territory, told Radio 26 that «the performance of the cadres is much better thanks to the alliances they have managed to establish with an organization that constantly trains them» .

The union leader cited topics for which the accompaniment of the association is vital, among which are the elimination of barriers that hinder the performance of the Cuban economy and the better development of the Socialist State Enterprise, among other issues.

«We could not talk today about work in the non-state sector without mentioning the various courses that the ANEC has given to self-employed workers and members of non-agricultural cooperatives, a collaboration that also helps the union movement perform its functions more effectively,» he appreciated. González Rodríguez.

In the same way, ANEC executives in this western province ponder the CTC in Matanzas’s manifest interest in receiving the dissimilar courses, in the common purpose of achieving a sufficient economic culture and paying tribute to the consolidation of the economic and economic strategy. social in a province that the country expects to perform according to its real potential.

The figure of Commander Ernesto Guevara, who was the first revolutionary president of the National Bank of Cuba, is present at the celebration of the day of the Cuban Economist and Accountant, an appointment that occurred precisely on November 26th , which is why this Day was instituted.





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