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Faced with the covid: «not a bit like that».

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 28 noviembre, 2020

Preventing the spread of covid-19 has been one of the priorities for the Cuban health system since the appearance of the first cases in the country. In order to carry out a strict investigation, it did not take long for the closure of educational institutions, suspension of flights, implementation of telework or remote work and the opening of isolation centers to support it.

Protecting the population from primary health care and even helping from other fronts in the world, distinguished from the beginning the procedure of the Island in the face of the pandemic. It has not been easy for anyone. While much of the town was forced into confinement, others, heroes in white coats, faced their greatest fears behind an uncomfortable protective suit.

Since then, numerous resources were allocated to this health fight when the country was already facing an economic situation marked by the intensification of the North American blockade. But so many actions found rewards in the considerable decrease in the number of cases by territories. And it was time to move on to another stage: the new normal, a necessary transition in the face of the nation’s financial conditions.

Therefore, the productive activity and services were established, but without neglecting epidemiological surveillance, as well as compliance and control of hygienic-sanitary measures. But … actually, with how much commitment do we Cubans assume this new normal?

The stay of travelers and relatives at home while they wait for the result of the second PCR, the use of the nasobuco, the disinfection of hands and social distancing, do not always find the necessary popular support.

Hence, in recent days the incidence of suspected and confirmed cases has increased again, as if all the previous strategies had been in vain. It is no less true that measures such as the transfer of travelers to isolation centers after their arrival, effectively minimized the number of infections, but given the impossibility of maintaining these spaces due to the large expenses they generated, it is urgent to rethink behaviors.

Avoiding contact with those citizens who arrive from abroad, not exposing vulnerable people to places or situations of risk and persisting in strict compliance with each measure, is the best way to reward the efforts made so far in this regard, but also the most effective way to protect ourselves.

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