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Clear positions preserve unity.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 29 noviembre, 2020

In the first place, to be clear, I repudiate the mercenary attitude and with annexation intentions of those who met in a house in the San Isidro neighborhood and simulated a false hunger strike to manipulate public opinion.

I reject, I condemn the meddling conduct in the internal affairs of this nation by the United States government, the OAS and other meddlers. And I also observe from what happened, from my modest opinion, that there are many underutilized communication channels in the country, that we are living in moments of profound changes for the benefit of our economy and therefore the use of the press media alone is not enough.

As it has been done on many occasions and serves as experience, it is appropriate to analyze these matters of interest in groups of workers, intellectuals, constituencies and mass organizations, which allows addressing concerns, doubts, confusion and providing answers or arguments to understand the strategies of the Revolution.

It is a communicative style that, in my opinion, should never be lost. The new measures bring modifications in many organizations and companies, even in the self-employed sector, which influence the professional and home life of Cubans, their safety and future, which must be explained by the Cuban Trade Union Workers CTC and its unions and seen in organizations unions and thus contribute to the clarification of many concerns.

Even at the population level, spaces should be encouraged, such as accountability, to expose the population’s concerns. In this way, there can be no such thing as not having an official space where to say what is thought about a certain matter.

They are instruments of rapprochement between senders and receivers that enable feedback. In this synergy of information, the channels need to diversify. One of the greatest successes of the Revolution has always been the exchange with the people, which led to results such as the majority approval of the new Constitution of the Republic.

I do not pretend to teach or pretend to be a scholar. But, like a large part of the population immersed in great battles for the independence of the Homeland, all paths are worth to strengthen the unity of the people around our socialism, which has cost so much sacrifice and which has also fostered so many opportunities and social guarantees. throughout its 60 years of existence.

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