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Tearing the veil of the «Damned» .

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 29 noviembre, 2020

The work Condenados, written and directed by Gilberto Subiaurt, tears the veils of anguish and demands from the public a rebellious position against those who manifest discriminatory actions towards those who feel or behave differently from that heterogeneous group that cannot support feeling or acting differently.

Staging offered at the end of November by the Teatro Icarón group, from Matanzas, under the general direction of the leading actress Miriam Muñoz. The piece, cataloged as one-man, dismembers into a multiple proposal, as a protagonist plus ten characters representing a common population in any part of the world unfold with extraordinary histrionic and vocal power.

They appear on the stage, the gossip, the authority summoning order, the opportunist, the anonymous tip-off, the religious and his false Christianity, the puritanical freight, the intolerant handicapped …, a range of diverse characters, full of sins, impute to others a denatured divergence.

Written 25 years ago, it does not stop shuddering every time the principal dances in an energetic fight against that kind of destiny that does not let him live and shouts in terror: «Shut up shadows» before the voices that persecute him, trying to consume him while antagonistic beings assault him They are exposed like engineered brains, disturbed consciences, crooked hearts.

Perhaps there is no understanding in the father, only the mother responds timidly to the call. Nor is there compassion in the crippled staged society. However, the attitude of the «condemned» is not flight, but a search for understanding, that is the message that the work launches to the intellect of the spectators.

The soundtrack does not create transitions, it breaks conceptual ideas such as support for the intense rhythm that occurs on stage. There is no scenery, just a giant veil where the main figure hides and shelters and some cloaks to identify the opposing antiheroes, convincingly added the use of costumes and identity gestures for each character.

Characterization is a component of singularity in dramaturgy. The playwright and also television actor Gilberto Subiaurt has recently expressed: “It is an emblematic work in my personal repertoire, since from it I began to write other texts and direct them.

It also brought me awards and recognitions. Text that has been staged in Buendía, Havana University Theater, on Radio Ciudad Habana, in Medellín, Colombia and reached the United States, where it was published by Blue Bird Editions in a selection of two other works of mine: Polvo and Promesa. «

Five decades have passed since the premiere of this multi-award-winning work on national and international stages and it is significant how it continues to motivate thought, reflection on those still latent pettiness that do not allow the planet to be more beautiful and peaceful.


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