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«We all like to have our ego boosted» .

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 30 noviembre, 2020

My friend the architect Ramón Cotarelo Crego, a dedicated defender and sword of the architectural heritage of Matanzas, who since the year 2000 resides in Viareggio, province of Lucca, Italy, site where continues to defend Cuban culture, on one occasion he told me: «Fuck, we all like to get our ego boosted.»

That is what I experienced today when a person remembered a program radial that I kept for years. I thought you had stayed in the I forget. The most interesting thing is that the protagonist is a young man, who at that time was studying at the University of Matanzas.

The program in question was called Half an hour cultural with Enrique Tirse, the director of the space was Iván Delgado, «the slim», as we told him, and the presentation theme was authored by the singer-songwriter Pedrito Alfonso: Song to Matanzas.

I was very happy to see how that boy remembered passages from the Program. The space was performed live or recorded, depending on the availability of the interviewee. There was no national or foreign artist to appear in Matanzas not to go through it. Matanzas had a preferential place.

If I regret something, it was not having saved that memory history of the Matanzas Culture. It was at the time when the computer or digital media, it was recorded on cassettes or tape, those that had to be deleted to be able to use them again. So we lost an important voice file.

At this time I do not remember the foreign personalities that participated, although among them was Sonia Amalio, from Mexico; and the Spanish, the Spanish singer Paco Moyano and the dancer Antonio Gades, who received the José Order from Fidel Castro Martí, highest decoration of the Republic of Cuba, and in 2005 his Ashes were buried in the Mausoleum of the Heroes of the Cuban Revolution.

Everything that is worth and shines in art passed from the national level Cuban, of all the demonstrations. So this Sunday I felt rejoiced to know that there are still those who remember that cultural program. If you notice any self-sufficiency, excuse me. To we all like to get our ego boosted.

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