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A better union in the Ordering Task.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 12 enero, 2021


The Ordinance Task (TO) in the western province of Matanzas demands a better union movement, tempered with the new times, recently reflected in this territory the member of the Political Bureau and secretary general of the  Cuban Trade Workers Union (CTC), Ulises Guilarte of Birth.

In an exchange with the main leaders of the CTC Secretariat in Matanzas, he affirmed that the complex process of the TO requires redesigning the exercise of representation of rights and mobilization inherent to the union movement, from the statutory and regulatory mechanisms, to raise the credibility and effectiveness of the organization.

The union must be aware of the main disagreements of the groups so that it can become a factor of prevention, timely analysis, information or rectification where necessary, said Guilarte de Nacimiento. The union will only be able to mobilize, explain, negotiate with the administration if it knows, if it knows, if it studies to optimally fulfill its missions, he pointed out.

He considered that training is still a pending issue and insisted on the need to make the topic plans coincide with the transformations of the labor scene, use innovative technological alternatives and go to the experts. «In this new context, the assemblies of affiliates and workers are more useful than ever, due to their possibility of incorporating a collective thought in the search for that efficiency that will generate growth in workers’ income.

» The Secretary General of the CTC reiterated that the salary reform constitutes one of the four principles of the Ordinance Task, which responds to the most repeated and generalized approach of the last workers’ congresses, which last year was expressed in the increase in salaries in the budgeted sector, to which is added the different remuneration formulas approved in the business system.

There can be no confusion in wages People have to know how much they will earn if they meet the standard and how much if they exceed it. For that, there must be total clarity with the application of payment systems, reflected Guilarte. He referred to the disagreements caused by high prices in some products and services. Businesses cannot live by raising prices to seek income.

They must have leadership in meeting the needs of the people and do it with quality, a principle of the Ordering Task, he said. The trade union movement must contribute to achieving this change in the thinking of the administrative leadership. He called for raising the quality of collective bargaining agreements, thinking about their content, so that this tool has the effects of its conception.

They must be stripped of formalities and adjusted to the current economic scenario and the existing regulatory framework. The difficult epidemiological situation in Matanzas, which led her to regress to the second phase of the recuperative stage, was addressed by Guilarte de Nacimiento.

In this regard, he called on union leaders to demand compliance with biosafety protocols to avoid outbreaks in workplaces, precisely where more cases of Covid-19 occurred in the province before the current situation. The member of the Political Bureau reiterated the potential of Matanzas to become the most productive province in the nation and urged to meet the expectations it has in the country with a fundamental territory in its economic structure.


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