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From singular to plural.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 17 enero, 2021

When knowing the data offered by Dr. Durán this Sunday about the situation current situation of covid-19 in Cuba, with an emphasis on the province of Matanzas, I remembered when swine fever was introduced in Cuba by the US It was detected that the virus was dropped from airplanes and other similar routes. But in the case of the covid is different its form of contagion, for this you have to have physical contact.

If it is in person, the infested person has to be in the street doing yours. This is where we must focus our attention. Then there is to put into action the containment measures that exist and that are known, both by health authorities and by the rest of the population.

People who come to the country cannot be allowed to walk wide while the process that establishes the measures has not been completed biosecurity and those who do should feel the weight of the law with the maximum rigor established, because with his indiscipline, either premeditated or not, it contributes a greater number of infested, thereby creating a critical epidemiological situation.

The same treatment must be met with the natural ones that are suspects. The call also goes to Health workers, who at this stage they must redouble their efforts, which are already high, but we are in the moment where you can not have doubts before a diagnosis, it is preferable to sin by excess than by default.

A bad diagnosis can be a source of contamination. In short, the virus containment barriers have to be concern and action of everyone and everything, we cannot think about singular, you have to act in the plural.


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