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My name will be in the Royal Academy of the Language.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 enero, 2021

It is possible that my name appears in the Royal Academy of the Language Spanish without being one of the 46 academic numbers that make it up. I say this with complete certainty and with scientific foundation, after a meticulous investigation where I discovered a huge error caused by the high house of the Spanish Language.

After Cuba was unilaterally accused by the United States as sponsor of terrorism, this forced me to refer to the dictionary of the learned Academy to see the meaning of that word and I found following: TERRORISM: Domination by terror.

Succession of acts of violence executed to instill terror. Criminal gang action organized, which, repeatedly and usually in a indiscriminate, it aims to create social alarm for political purposes. And since there is nothing further from that concept of what Cuba is and what Cubans, my sole and conclusive determination was to ensure that the Academia de la Lengua was wrong to designate the word terrorism, as it appears in the body of the dictionary.

I not only discovered the error, but I am going to suggest the radical change to the meaning of the word. Hence my proposal is: Solidarity, delivery, help, collaboration, detachment, internationalism, saving lives and other meanings that I will omit to confuse and disturb the illustrious members of the Academy. Why that is really the terrorism practiced by Cuba.

Now I have more intense and difficult work to do to discover a new word that is intended to name the actions carried out by our accuser, that is, the United States, with its policy meddling, aggressive, intimidating, warmongering and exploiting the poorest countries. This process will take time because it is difficult find the right word in our language.


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