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Cuban President evaluates march of main programs in Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 22 enero, 2021

The Ordinance Task was designed to order the economy and to mean a moment of stimulation to work, productivity, efficiency and the well-being of the population, said Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, when closing a working meeting in Matanzas .

He added that as it is conceived it should improve the wage-price ratio, which means raising people’s purchasing power. «More than twenty days have passed since the implementation of the Ordering Task and we have made a group of errors in its implementation, due to bureaucracy, not thinking, not studying the rules well, to which a group of complexities has been added that the OT itself is imposed by life that is richer than anything that can be designed at a given moment, «stressed the president.

Regarding the priorities of the country, he pointed out the efficient confrontation with covid-19 and stated that the answer to this is to re-build the entire pandemic care system with the experience we have and that has been applied in other complex moments.

The Cuban President, when summarizing the work meeting to this territory, held in the theater of the provincial school of the José Smith Comas Party, stated that all the rules for home entry were altered. Reflecting that the home isolation was effective and the chain of infections of the asymptomatic was cut, isolating the suspects, contacts of suspects and the contacts of the positive ones, he said that Cuba was anticipating the pandemic.
People make mistakes and indiscipline, and the country assumes the expenses, he commented, while adding that the perception of risk in the face of covid-19 has been lowered, both in the personal and institutional sphere. When referring to food production, he said that this issue has to do with the welfare of the population and the stability of the country, so he considered that it should not continue to be treated as it has been doing at the moment.
«We must review the entire production system and ensure that it is locally strengthened, that the municipality has what it needs to produce food, with structures that are in command of the territories themselves,» said the President.
As part of the strategy to confront and control the  so called coleros, hoarders and resellers, actions were implemented that resulted in 26,228 actions that included 12,785 fines, of which 465 were due to the spread of epidemics; speculation and hoarding (565), illicit economic activities (367), receptions (471), acts against the authority (504) and economic crimes (276). Of the total, 1 158 were identified as coleros, of these 49 were prosecuted, the rest warned, fined and profilacted.

Alejandro Gil, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Planning, announced that 2 337 people have been employed in Matanzas, of them 1 756 in the state sector and 581 non-state: «The issue of employment generates incentives,» said Gil, by cataloging that the impact of employment has been positive.
Mario Sabines Lorenzo, governor of Matanzas, read a report in which he specified that as of December the province faces a re-outbreak with an increase in cases well above previous moments and is in the epidemic stage in the Transmission Phase Native Limited.
«We present an incidence rate in the last 15 days of 80.9 per 100,000 inhabitants, with 438 active cases and 189 outbreaks with 668 cases are controlled.» Sabines Lorenzo listed the main opinions of the population such as isolating travelers in centers from their arrival; greater action against those who violate measures due to the lack of perception of risks; poor conditions and care in isolation centers; delays in closing the school year and borders, and the lack of chlorine in shops.
Likewise, the issue of agricultural production, medicinal plants, flowers, fruit trees and the application of science and technology in this sector was discussed. The President was accompanied by José Ramón Machado Ventura, Second Secretary of the Party Central Committee; Manuel Marrero Cruz, Prime Minister; Vice Prime Ministers Roberto Morales Ojeda, Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca and Alejandro Gil Fernández (head of Economy and Planning), and Marino Murillo Jorge, head of the Commission for Implementation and Development of the Guidelines, along with other members of the Council of Ministers.

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