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Livestock modules contribute to the feeding of the Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 25 enero, 2021

In order to increase and diversify food production, 169 livestock modules are already operating in the western province of Matanzas, one of the most relevant alternatives in response to the effects of COVID-19, the United States blockade and the achievement of greater food sovereignty.

Aimed in conjunction with other programs for the stable supply of food, specifically protein, the option of livestock modules takes firm roots in the El Palmito agroforestry farm, in the town of Guanábana, on the outskirts of the city of Matanzas.

Created last year in just 50 days, the settlement of seven ships already transcends for its sales of mutton, rabbit, free-range chicken and chicken eggs, as well as for the sale of female pre-fattening of the dark layer variant, class of pig rated as more resistant and better adapted to the climate. Jorge Díaz Mirabal, general director of the Agroforestry Company of Matanzas (AFM), specified that this variant of pigs can perfectly dispense with feed of industrial origin, today very limited in the country, and base their diet on solutions such as cassava yogurt .

He stated that the successes in promoting small livestock in this livestock module are largely due to the sustained planting plan of cassava, corn, sweet potato, mulberry and king grass promoted by the company, because only in this way can sustainability be achieved, he pointed out.

He said that the initiative of livestock modules, devised by Fidel Castro, should be perpetuated over time because, in his opinion, it is a quick way to comply with the program of 5 kilograms of meat per inhabitant promoted by the Cuban State.

Carlos Luis Naranjo Suárez, delegate from the Ministry of Agriculture, told the press that the best experiences are provided by the productive bases 26 de Julio and Gispert, both in the municipality of Colón, and the AFM, an activity where the sector also shows encouraging signs aquaculture and some individual producers.

Raidel Cabello Valle, general secretary of the Provincial Union of Agricultural, Forestry and Tobacco Workers, praised the optimal balances that the El Palmito module has been reaching, an example of the good work of the AFM, considered the best of its kind in the country and deserving of the condition In Victoria, instituted in Matanzas to recognize the best performance in production and services.



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