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Price and quality, friends, not enemies.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 25 enero, 2021


To determine the price of a product many factors are taken into account, I know them because I have studied them, but I will not use them in this comment for not considering it necessary and because I think that many of current prices in Cuba are set arbitrarily.

I will only analyze the logical elements that must be part of decree prices after the implementation of the process of economic order in the country. One of the elements raised why the increase is that the product in question contains imported raw material, something fair and understandable.

Today my comment will take this element -the import- as unique for the analysis that I will put to your consideration. At noon east Saturday January 23rd I went to buy two pizzas at the pizzeria Bellamar, en la Playa, in the city of Matanzas.

Reading the letter and seeing the prices I was scared. Napolitana Pizza (369 grams), 19.00 pesos; shrimp (448 grams) 42.00 pesos; of ham (475 grams) 55.00 pesos and others more. For me analysis, these are enough for me.

A simple application of the rule of three says that if the Neapolitan pizza was brought to 475 grams it would cost 24 pesos with 45 cents, so they are charging 30 pesos with 55 pennies for the bits of ham they add, and that I know the The imported component, or at least the fundamental component, is flour, not the ham.

That is why I said that the application of prices is arbitrary and not based on scientific study. Not to mention that the quality of I bought differs considerably from those that sold at 14.00 weights before the ordering task. To this can be added that I They put a nylon jabita and the amount rose three more pesos. So let’s apply the concept of Revolution that Fidel very well reflected: Change everything that must be changed.


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