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Victoria de Girón Agribusiness Company: Innovative Entity of CITMA

Gloria Machado León 21 febrero, 2018

The use of scientific and technical knowledge in favor of the diversification of tasks linked to the food program, the increase in exports, the substitution of imports and the care of the environment led to the Agroindustrial Company Victoria de Girón, of Matanzas, receiving the Condition of Innovative Entity granted by CITMA.


Vietnam and Cuba are committed to the generation of clean energy

Gloria Machado León 21 febrero, 2018

The Socialist Republics of Vietnam and Cuba are negotiating a project to generate electricity from the marabou biomass and the promotion of energy crops, which also includes the production of food on land that is released for import substitution, as explained Celso Carpio Camaroti, Business Director of the Agroforestry Group.


I’m going to Calle del Medio to buy an illusion

Gloria Machado León 15 febrero, 2018

A few days ago I had to make a stay in the Calle del Medio, in the city of Matanzas, in front of the park of the cogwheel, more
exactly at the intersection of Medio and Jovellanos streets. I used the wait to ask some questions of how many acquaintances stopped to greet me. The question in question was related to what was for them this important artery of the city.


Radio Days

Gloria Machado León 13 febrero, 2018

The date of February 13th as World Radio Day is a tribute to the most affordable mass media on the planet. Even between written press and television, radio occupies a preferential place, since the number of existing receivers represents more than 175 percent compared to the daily circulation of newspapers and still higher than the number of televisions that have invaded the market. (1)

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