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Discover in Matanzas signature of the son of Martí in historical document (+ recording)

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 26 diciembre, 2019

During the celebration of the 144th anniversary of the founding of the hermitage of Monserrat in Matanzas, the specialists of the Provincial Historical Archive found a book of visitor records dating from the year 19º5. The book was enabled since that year, but began to be used in 19º7, when the first signatures registered in… Continue Reading »


Perico pedestrian tunnel is breathing airs of modernity

Gloria Machado León 27 enero, 2017

It seems almost impossible not to notice his presence. From the natives to the outsiders they know it exists. Some are sympathizers, others detractors. The truth is that they want it or not there is, tangible, immobile, with the certainty that at some point will be useful and even essential.

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