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Aurora: new space for art in Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 14 agosto, 2017

From the more specific details in the decoration, an aesthetic careful in all the senses and elements, and the surprising beauty resulting from the founding of the talents and work of several artists and matanceros craftsmen, opened its doors this August 13 Aurora, space For the art, pertaining to the Cuban Fund of Cultural Property…. Continue Reading »


Refurbishing buildings and strengthen identities: Matanzas Plan 325

Gloria Machado León 7 agosto, 2017

The urban planning of the historic center of the city of Matanzas is also part of the objectives of the Matanzas 325 Plan, another of the complex projects that will give the city a more homogeneous and organized visibility, respecting and contributing new values ​​to the privileged aesthetics Of the neoclassical city par excellence of Cuba.


A map to find the roots in Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 4 agosto, 2017

From the earliest school ages history is an indispensable part of education in Cuba. The formation of a deep historical knowledge constitutes in the island a way of understanding the future of the destinies of the country and to strengthen the admiration to those who bequeathed to us the possibility of enjoying the absolute independence, in any of the stages that gave way to the conformation Of the current Cuban reality.


Matanzas is presented as a cultural tourist destination

Gloria Machado León 3 agosto, 2017

The appreciation of culture, among the main tourist attractions, has gained momentum during the last decades. Matanzas is one of the most important products of the country in that sense, due to the historical, patrimonial and architectural richness it preserves, being one of the cities with the highest values ​​treasured in the American context.


Sauto teater´s mural of the muses is declare National Heritage

Gloria Machado León 27 julio, 2017

Among the most well-known elements of the Sauto Theater, National Monument since 1978, is the cover de platea, also known as the mural of the muses. Its artistic beauty and the legends that hover over it bring a mythical halo that it shares with the imposing building of the Cuban neoclassical.

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