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Days of pain and glory are remembered in Giron

Gloria Machado León 19 abril, 2017

In the same scenario where Yankee imperialism underwent its first military defeat in American territory, the town of Zapata Swamp, in representation of the Cubans, evoked the epic of Girón, in the Matanzas municipality of Zapata Swamp. The commemoration became the ideal occasion to award the 60th Anniversary of the Revolutionary Armed Forces to 52… Continue Reading »


People revive Playa Giron´s victory

Gloria Machado León 18 abril, 2017

This April 19th we Cubans relive the events that occurred during the mercenary invasion of Playa Giron in the Bay of Pigs, and how our people, with scarce weapons and resources, staged their first great victorious struggle against imperialism and raised once and for all. Always the flags of socialism in this continent.


A Community party is dedicated to the Girón victory in Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 17 abril, 2017

In the context of the fourth process of accountability of the delegate to his constituents, the residents of the Reynold García division, in Matanzas, in coordination with mass organizations, INDER and the Health Department in the territory dedicated the communal party to the 56th anniversary Of the victory of Giron.


My son carries his name

Gloria Machado León 16 abril, 2014

His companions left him for dead . Nonstop bleeding and had lost his consciousness . They fought very hard in the vicinity of Playa Girón . It was on April 18th, 1961 . Amid the heat of battle , it can collect and put on the bed of a truck GAZ 63 towing antiaircraft machine guns. Just above him were going to lay the dead bodies of several compatriots , shattered by machine gun.

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