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2016 Bastion completed successfully in Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 19 noviembre, 2016

The Strategic Exercise Bastion 2016 concluded in Matanzas with a positive balance after three days in which leaders, leaders and management and command were trained in all actions and demonstrated the high provision of the province for defense, consolidating the concept of War Of the whole town.


Young reservists from Matanzas show their preparation in the bastion

Gloria Machado León 18 noviembre, 2016

As part of the Strategic Exercise Bastion 2016 young reservists of a unit of light infantry of the Matanzas Military Region, upon receiving the announcement of the superior command, quickly specified their missions and collected the individual armament, triggering the events for the putting in complete disposition and Combative cohesion of the troops.


Celebrate in Matanzas half century of Camilo Cienfuegos military schools creation

Gloria Machado León 24 septiembre, 2016

The political act and military ceremony on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Camilo Cienfuegos Military Schools was developed in this prestigious educational institution in the province of Matanzas, due to its comprehensive achievements, forming quarry moral and patriotic values ​​in young people promote his vocation for military life.

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