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Aedes aegypti


Community hygiene campaign: how long to support the irresponsible.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 9 noviembre, 2018

Although the beginning of the dry season is approaching, there are still torrential rains in  Varadero, that increase the actions of the Communal Services workers to ensure hygiene and sanitation of the Varadero, Boca de Camarioca and Santa Martha Popular Councils , having in the municipality prevalence of foci and concomitant diseases. The fight against… Continue Reading »


Prevention is better than healing

Gloria Machado León 26 febrero, 2016

For that saying that says that prevention is better than cure, the state and the Cuban government, under the leadership of the Ministry of Public Health, develops a program to control and eliminate the vector Aedes aegypti, which requires all seriousness, respect and discipline by the executors and the population to which it is addressed.


From Cuba and to the world

Gloria Machado León 3 diciembre, 2015

Could be Niurka, Yoan and Julio, the names vary but they only have one common denominator: sacrifice, dedication and tenacity. People who one day decided their fate, they chose the difficult path of healing. They wear white gowns, they study the human anatomy and help their fellow man. They know that their way is always long. They live attached to investigations and ongoing studies. They suffer sleeplessness that undoubtedly are gratified by the pleasure of caring the human health. Action that undoubtedly place them in the top of society.

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