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Economists from Matanzas value the influence and effects of the blockade in the province

Gloria Machado León 26 octubre, 2016

“No sector of the economy and Cuban society that has not suffered the negative impact of the blockade,” said Lazaro Rodriguez Forte, president of the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC) in the province of Matanzas during the interview Radio 26 about this day, when once again the largest of the Antilles presented its draft resolution against the blockade before the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).


The Cuban Revolution and its hurricane force

Gloria Machado León 9 octubre, 2016

Flora, with its atypical tour of eastern Cuba in October 1963, left a clear sign that being captured by Fidel and other leaders of the young Cuban Revolution led to the perfection of Civil Defense: this model of state measures They carried out since peacetime and during exceptional situations to protect the population and the economy.


Waters of peace

Gloria Machado León 21 junio, 2016

The waters that divide Cuba and the United States have always been furrowed by ships of different types. Before the triumph of the Revolution there were many passenger and cargo ships that moved to Cuba varied productions, many of them made with sugar and other raw materials purchased at low cost or leonine exchanges.


Matanzas, the Series leader is facing Camagüey today

Gloria Machado León 20 octubre, 2014

The Matanzas baseball team won on Saturday the Granma team 3-1, it won the substring between 2-1 which allowed it to be alone in first place in the championship to face on Monday the Camagüey team in its own land,which is an opportunity for Matanzas to consolidated in the place of honor, since its opponent is one of the weakest teams of the season.

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