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Leonel Pérez Orozco


Middle pedestrian promenade, between recreational and cultural

Gloria Machado León 12 abril, 2018

The pedestrian promenade of Calle del Medio, without a doubt, will be one of the busiest places during the next years in Matanzas. To ensure a place as attractive as possible is taken into account from the aesthetic point of view to the most unsuspected detail and do not neglect the use of space, warned the press Leonel Pérez Orozco, City Curator.


Matanzas will have a new square of artisans

Gloria Machado León 14 marzo, 2018

The Skidimore square will be one of the main attractions that the city of Matanzas will boast in the celebration of its 325th anniversary on October 12th. Located on the pedestrian promenade Narváez Street between City Hall and Santa Teresa, the entity currently in the construction phase will have as a corporate purpose the commercialization of handmade pieces.


A Matanzas city conserved by and for its own people

Gloria Machado León 24 noviembre, 2016

Many people have dreamed of the resurgence of the city of Matanzas; with nostalgia, resorting to photographs and engravings, books, publications and souvenirs to preserve the image of splendorous city in full swing. Others confine themselves to complaining about what we have lost, that which time, inconstancy, ignorance or laziness have taken away from us.

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