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The survival of a nickname

Gloria Machado León 17 febrero, 2016

A year ago I’d be writing about the survival of a nickname: Matanzas, the Athens of Cuba. By then, the unfortunate change of a lofty epithet for «sleeping city», «Athens of Cuba» or «The embarrassment of Cuba» would have taken greater resonance. But I prefer to raise now a barricade against this and stand up for what has not been invaded by cultural dream, which has resisted oblivion and to the bite of the errors that have ever died like that violin Titanic rescued after years of sinking.


Martí deported a second time

Gloria Machado León 16 septiembre, 2014

The War of 10 years was over. Just a few small, isolated departures stubbornly resisted with patriotic anger the Hispanic lunges. Cubans, as Martí would say once, were not defeated, they had just let the sword down, hopeless mostly by fatigue and lack of resources that the wore down the patriotism of a bourgeoisie no longer able to lead the quest.


Our Martí, from the passion of two men

Gloria Machado León 6 agosto, 2014

The reazon why Doctor Ramón Luis Miranda made in Matanzas a monument to honor his patient and friend José Martí, should be, perhaps, a very simple question. The physician who was based in New York, was born in the well known Athens of Cuba in 1839, and had very deep its hometown, like many of those from Matanzas who moved to Havana and later to the major European cities.

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