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I’m going to Calle del Medio to buy an illusion

Gloria Machado León 15 febrero, 2018

A few days ago I had to make a stay in the Calle del Medio, in the city of Matanzas, in front of the park of the cogwheel, more
exactly at the intersection of Medio and Jovellanos streets. I used the wait to ask some questions of how many acquaintances stopped to greet me. The question in question was related to what was for them this important artery of the city.


Small town of a thousand stories: Ceiba Mocha.

Gloria Machado León 11 enero, 2018

From the beautiful bay of the former village of San Carlos and San Severino de Matanzas you can see in the distance an Indian woman dressed in green, asleep and young. It is the Pan, the highest and most majestic hill of my city. However, lying in the shadow of its hillside, there is a small town that treasures a thousand stories: Ceiba Mocha.

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