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34 years after the lesson of Granada

Gloria Machado León 25 octubre, 2017

On October 25th, 1983, the Caribbean island of Granada was invaded by United States military forces, a fact that shocked the international public. The brutal attack on the island nation was the first major operation by the US military since the Vietnam War. Causes of invasion On March 13, 1979, that tiny Caribbean island managed… Continue Reading »


A project that strengthens the rights of children

Gloria Machado León 6 noviembre, 2016

Cuba is one of the countries in the world that respects the rights of children. They are directed at various programs that are known in the mass media or are materialized through community projects, so within the world context our reality exhibits a different face, with high hopes that shift the inequalities between a Gender and other. In this way we will maintain the position that the Greater Antilles has achieved at the international level to protect the rights of girls and women, and of course that all the structures of the country are involved in their good practices.


Victory of a fair principle

Gloria Machado León 27 octubre, 2016

What happened this October 26th at the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly when it voted in favor of the Cuban resolution that calls for ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States for more half a century to the largest Antillean island, is the reflection of those words of our José Martí when he said:

“Iun just beginning, from the bottom of a cave is more than an army!”


Matanzas students confirm rejection to the US embargo

Gloria Machado León 24 octubre, 2016

Matanzas students ratified today their rejection of the blockade in a ceremony held at the René Fraga from Matanzas city. During the meeting they denounced the inhuman and extraterritorial nature of the laws that make it up. They also reaffirmed that a real normalization is not possible while it persists. Leydanis Hernandez Contreras, student of… Continue Reading »

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