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Intake exams started at Pedro Betancourt (+audio).


After several months of intense study and preparation, the twelfth grade students of the IPU Dionisio Morejón Morejón of this municipality began their entrance exams to Higher Education.

The process began in the center on the basis of the precepts of rigor, transparency and the best right, in correspondence with the legal instruments in force. This was confirmed to our radio station by Bárbara Yaumara Amigo Ruballo, teaching secretary of the facility.


Magaly Reyes Roldán, director of the municipal University Branch, stressed the importance of these tests as tools to order the granting of degrees, as well as the constant and fruitful academic exchange between both educational institutions.


This Tuesday, October 3rd, the students took their Mathematics exam and on the 6th and 12th of this month they will continue with the subjects of Spanish and Cuban History, respectively.

Written by Yadiel Barbón Salgado.

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