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Tomatoes, in the current winter crop

Gloria Machado León 23 septiembre, 2013

The demanding tomato, in the varieties of kitchen and salad tomato, will occupy 450 hectares in the winter crop that started in Matanzas. This type of vegetables, which is the favorite for lots of people, must supply the canning industry and contribute appreciable quantities for the commercialization of fresh fruits in agricultural markets.


Secrets of our Blue Planet and a little bit further…(2)

Gloria Machado León 20 septiembre, 2013

*** The intense heat motivates inventors to satisfy the needs of hot people, with the result that in Japan a type of jacket with two “adapted mini- air conditioner”, activated by a lithium rechargeable battery at a cost equivalent to 130 dollars has been put up for sale. Other products, such as cushions, blankets use similar systems as well. And according to press reports they are very accepted by customers.


Invitation to ¨Between Bridges Program¨ ; with Liuba María Hervia

Gloria Machado León 19 septiembre, 2013

A day of celebrations will be held this Saturday September 21st, at 4:00 PM, at the provincial Museum Palacio de Junco, in Matanzas’ city.The journalist, critic Fernando Rodríguez Sosa, in charge of the accustomed program Invitation between bridges (Invitación entre puentes), will have a conversation with the singer-songwriter Liuba María Hervia, who holds over ten discs records and commemorates this year her thirtieth artistic career anniversary as one of the most prestigious creators of the Cuban music nowadays.


Comercial Paradox in Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 2 septiembre, 2013

If we said that in Matanzas they don’t carry out marketing studies, for sure someone would be upset and he would even publicly announce his protest for such a categorical statement. However, the daily life is much richer than what a simple paper says and in that environment the lack of logic and functional commercial strategies highlights.

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