17 May, 2021

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For those who do not believe in my generation…

It happened unexpectedly. Noon approached and began daily and inevitable friction within the local buses, only means of transportation for those who can not afford to pay a taxi.

It happened unexpectedly. Noon approached and began daily and inevitable friction within the local buses, only means of transportation for those who can not afford to pay a machine.

Several passengers coalesced around Ms. lying lying along two seats and whose face an expression of pale and medium staring between significant signs of physical weakness was noticed .

Those curious passersby were interested if fast what happened to the old woman , quicker still continued its course, leaving it as the sneezing and you will not want or health.

However, unknown to her six young patiently helped her get off the bus , accompanied her , concerned for his recovery , during the 45 minutes it takes her discomfort and tried to hide a strong apretazón chest to see her so helpless in a crowd more concerned with satisfying his curiosity , which obviously help a person in need of protection .

They did not ask her name or her they knew theirs, although he told them , sobbing , that was 61 years , despite his gray hair and wrinkles from your skin denoted older .

Perhaps the vagaries of human existence plowed his face giving it that sweet and serene expression , or, perhaps , the same conditions that gradually stole some vision and sense of hearing comes as the time, to join other conditions such as hypertension daily today . But you never know what the true history of this woman.

It is neighboring street Navia . I knew that lives very close to the workplace of one of his companions who saw her among his hypoglycemia, only managed to say “I do not know ” and went on their way home.

He had risen early and without breakfast even took two tablets of drugs, although it was only necessary . He came to see her daughter, a girl of 30 who is expecting her first baby.

As time went on, with a refreshing breeze caressing her face after eating some of the food that the boys tried for her , her face brightening and began to resume their natural tones.

With trembling hands and tears in his eyes lowered his distressed view , while they were seeking a comfort to her … but nothing achieved mitigate their thoughts.

His hoarse voice uttered vague words like you want your sins are not heard . Is suppressed because, as they confessed , hitherto not believed capable as any young human actions toward someone unknown and came to echo that unjust slogan that ” youth is lost.”

“We also have or had grandparents and would like that in a situation how are you also count them with some support , do not worry ,” he replied as they walked to the nearest clinic , where a doctor checked his blood pressure and only when were sure of their improvement, one of the boys walked her to her house.

Sometimes when we are in danger of losing confidence due to bad actions and selfishness that we witness every day, there are scenes like this that lead us to reflect on how much you can save even amid the crisis of values ​​that our lives society .

You will never know their names or what they do , but , in spite of recurrent and quirky course that predicts the incurable immorality suffering from the current generation , I hope that others like me learn to offer a vote of confidence to those who , uncombed still gray today and build a new human society.

Original text by Jessica Mesa Duarte on december 27th, 2013