17 May, 2021

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Getting or loosing the heritage, that is the question?

Those friends who defend the built-up heritage of Matanzas said ood bye to the year 2013 with progress on steps necessary to protect the property and city landmarks legal framework.
General view of Matanzas´s city, unique in its contour and neaoclasical par excellence

Those friends who defend the built-up heritage of  Matanzas said ood bye to the year 2013 with progress on steps necessary to protect the property and city landmarks legal framework.

Meanwhile, other recurring concerns last minute and still in the pipeline and highlight the urgency of a correct strategy for the conservation and restoration in the Athens of Cuba known, neoclassical and exceptional from its path.

Perhaps it is not safe to say that “on the fence” to close the 2013 Matanzas or at least for those who are committed to the values ​​that encloses the whole city from rivers.

On the one hand, during this period, two buildings were the category of National Monument, St. Peter the Apostle Church, Versailles, considered the most important nineteenth-century Cuban religious building, and Xanadu Mansion, one of the most significant architectural sites the last century in the country.

San Pedro Apóstol (St.Peter Apostle´s) Church observed from the natural environment that encircles it. PHOTO TV YUMURÍ COURTESY

However, the most anticipated moment was, without doubt, the realization of the declaration of a National Monument urban area within the historic center Matanzas , a category that received in December 2012 and was formalized ten months later, just held on 320 anniversary of the city.

The fact remains , some city dwellers will receive the new title with ambiguity or pessimism about the marked loss of identity elements and their transformations . While others have treated as the ” glass half full ” that will come in future action.

Well, the current management model is insufficient with gaps in their impact and recognition among the holders of the property; while institutional neglect to retain or rescue time incurs costly capital investments that will ultimately expand or become impossible .

Hence specialists deem that to win Matanzas cultural heritage , the son of the best of neoclassicism in the island must go to output a feasible and proven in the national context . Some have pointed out that as a manager or office conservative city group, only tears still debates the issue and does not come to light .

Bellamar Caves has been depicted by the experts as a real crystallographic lab. PHOTO BELLAMAR PROJECT COURTESY.

Moreover, during the period there was significant damage or losses . We talk about the building where the El Aguila grocery store was located, about The LouvreHotel, storehouses on Rio Street , the sculpture of Freedom Park and Centennial Park ceiba Sprocket .

The 2013 says goodbye between Matanzas and although steps have been taken , subtraction enhance the riches that remain hidden . Matanzas receives annually one million international tourists and hundreds of national , however , lacks a coherent policy that interrelates with their heritage attractions .

Specialists are committed to a vision of sustainability based on the city and its inhabitants, so that all feel involved and find alternatives to modernity and its impacts.

According to experts , unlike other regions of the province has been trained to integrate a working group of conservative or office staff. Despite this deterioration and the changes continue their ride through the neoclassical city, there is now talk of winning or losing their heritage , that is the question , what do you think ?

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Original text by Jenny Hernández Suárez on December 27th, 2013