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Technological Diving

Gloria Machado León 29 agosto, 2014

When we look at our environment and check the technological artifacts that in recent decades have invaded our daily lives, alleviating tasks, bringing spaces toincreasingly encourage the interaction between human beings, we understand that the phrase «time flies» it’s no more than that, four words that we express to relieve anxiety to see that what looked like yesterday turns in tomorrow.


Greatness is not hidden

Gloria Machado León 18 agosto, 2014

Some people fight like Don Quixote, against powerful windmills . Some people, seems so common in his walk, but they are very especial inside. There is an Omar, like many anothers, but his surname is Fuentes, who knows well about mills and looks like an ordinary person. But this man is one of those unique individuals that sometimes wearing a suit, carring a cane or a wand makes us magic tricks, regardless geography or scenarios.


Joaquín García Lebredo, a wise man from Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 18 agosto, 2014

In the nineteenth century the territories that later, in 1878, formed the province of Matanzas, were the cradle, almost from the beginning of that century, of a large group of scientists who joined other regions to form, without doubt, a body cream of science and technology in Latin America and the United States.


Jose Jacinto Milanes, 200th anniversary of the most romantic and crazy …

Gloria Machado León 15 agosto, 2014

On August 16th, 1814 – this year its bicentenary is celebrated– within a modest family in the city of Matanzas -100 kilometers away at the east of Havana, capital of Cuba– was born a child that overtime would became known as the most romantic and crazy of all Cuban poets and playwrights: Jose Jacinto Milanes y Fuentes.

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