17 May, 2021

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Crocodiles baseball team do not believe in Hurricanes

In a subset characterized by the excessive length of its games, Matanzas overcame two crashes to each set of Mayabeque in the continuation of the fifty-fourth National Baseball Series.

In a subset characterized by the excessive length of its games, Matanzas overcame two crashes to each set of Mayabeque in the continuation of the fifty-fourth National Baseball Series.

Matanzas team  took the inexperience of hurricanes team  to reach four victories at the start of the campaign in sixth place in the standings, with the same amount of wins and losses that Las Tunas, Granma, Sancti Spiritus and Ciego de Avila, teams that occupy the seats of 2 to 5.

These three games left some lessons for both casts.

In the first game markers 16 touchdowns soared by 6 for the House to enact the knockout in eight innings, tactical technical errors (those that will not slate) especially in the defense of the visitors made palpable and influenced several of the matanceras careers.

It is no secret that most guys Rigoberto Madera (Mayabeque) lack blanks in National Series, with the exception of some consecrated as Danger Guerrero, Orlando Denis Laza and Sandpiper. That’s why we take every opportunity is essential, which was not possible on this occasion within democracy in two of the three meetings-they went ahead on the scoreboard and failed to keep the lead.

Even in the second set, extended to eleven chapters, Hurricanes opened before two to zero, but the Matanzas turned the count in his favor scoring three hatched by homer Ariel Sanchez difference vanished in the seventh inning when the visitors equalized match.

Everything was ready for the first extrainning of this regular season, which ended with homer Danger Guerrero opening the eleventh entry, after the aspirations of Crocodiles faded away in the bottom of the tenth when Yadiel Hernandez was tagged out at home, Laundress by excellent shot from the center.

In the crash yesterday again the god Cronos put his hand in a game that was envisioned agile came the rain, which meant a lull of about two hours between water and readjustment of the land, even if it took more the latter than the former .

At the time of the arrest the meeting was going for three to seven runs for the Crocodiles, but the Hurricanes had runners on first and second with no outs, and the batter’s box to the hero of the previous game.

Apparently, with the rest mayabequenses bats were cooled and the return, reliever Yaniel White pulled out three, allowing you to write down just a race sac fly, the last crash, culminating seven to four in favor of the national runners-up, with huge homer included in Yurisbel Gracial by encime roof of the left wing.

But despite these victories , the Crocodiles team still needs to be filing down some deficiencies.

The relief pitching is still an outstanding debt, because beyond the quality or not of the firefighting inconsistency shown in its outputs. Who today does an excellent performance in his next appearance occurs wild.

Another area for improvement is the number of runners left in circulation, a disease that afflicts Cuban baseball in general and Victor Mesa has tried to eliminate in their wards. But though boasts a powerful offense, which amounted to 291 after this subset of average, still fails timely hitting.

Crocodiles receive from tomorrow the weak cast of Cienfuegos, a good opportunity to expand their victories against a selected from the previous series that was presented by the unstable low maturity of its members.

On Tuesday and Thursday will be played at Victoria de Girón stadium and Wednesday in Ararás Mario Martínez stadium, in the town of Colon.


Orogonal text by Ailene Villalonga Almeida on September 29th, 2014