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The first act of remembrance to medical students

Gloria Machado León 27 noviembre, 2014

One of the most heinous crimes committed by the Spanish government in Cuba was the execution of eight medical students at the University of Havana on November 27th, 1871. The barbarians Hispanic volunteers yielded to any kind of appeasement or moral force of his superiors, and in open mutiny they murdered the youngsters, one of them was only 14 years old.


The Labour Code, bedside book for every Cuban worker

Gloria Machado León 26 noviembre, 2014

«The labor code should be the bedtime reading for every Cuban worker» , said to Radio 26, Orlando Marín Farías, MA in Labor Law and Legal Specialist Provincial Directorate of Labour and Social Security in Matanzas. Although the territory to satisfactory under national schedule with the actions planned for the implementation process of the new Labour Code also president of the Chapter of Labour Law at the Union of Jurists of Cuba in Matanzas, reiterates the need for encourage the study and knowledge of important legal body.


The Granma yacht deed

Gloria Machado León 25 noviembre, 2014

From the infamous coup of March10th, 1952 the way out of the Cuban crisis was revolutionary and not politicking. In this sense the assault of the Moncada barracks opened the path of armed struggle and fundamental facts were enrolled to it such as: the assault to Goicuría barrack on April 29th, 1956, the uprising of Santiago de Cuba on November 30th, 1956 and the guerrilla preparations in Mexico, the Granma yacht hazardous journey from Tuxpan to las Coloradas beach and the armed struggle in mountains and cities, led by Fidel.


About 40 thousand tourists have flown in November to Varadero

Gloria Machado León 22 noviembre, 2014

With the arrival in Varadero international destination resort of more than about 40 thousand tourists from early November to the Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport in Matanzas, indicates a prosperous season, said Leonard Calixto, head of group quality of the institution , as reported Roberto Jesus Hernandez in the AIN website ..


Vicente Feliu or the monument to Ñico (+ lyrics of the song)

Gloria Machado León 21 noviembre, 2014

Perhaps this story requires some journalistic advice of my colleague and friend Arnaldo Mirabal and also a reporter for the Giron weekly newspaper in Matanzas province, was him who unraveled and dusted off the memories of another close friend Vicente Feliu; but chance took me back about Antolín Marrero Perdomo (Ñico), the worker who Vicente Feliu inspired to write one of his famous songs and hummed by many.

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