24 January, 2022

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Rubén Fuentes: “Matanzas is the origin of my love for nature” (+ photos and video).

With only 37 years, the artist of the plastic arts Ruben Fuentes González from Matanzas has already completed his Masters and Doctorate. His paintings reflect landscapes full of life that are reminiscent of Cuban countryside and, especially, the extraordinary beauty of Matanzas nature.

But, among its most important achievements is the ability he has developed to interpret the beauties of an unrepeatable city such as Matanzas, a privileged landscape like the Cuban one and return it wrapped in colors and lines, with a technique that could be assessed as impeccable and a perfectionist aesthetic.

His words assail any hint of urgency to sketch, color and give personality to each of the parliaments of our dialogue, as if it were one of the most painstaking works of art. This is how this man born in Matanzas shows that he found a place for his magnificent creations, which gifts full of energy, in the Light city. Rubén, you are a young man trained in the academy of Matanzas. You currently live in Paris. How did this outcome occur between the City of Bridges and Europe?

RF: “In 2007 I left for Spain to participate in a collective exhibition that was attended by other Cuban artists such as Lázaro Saavedra, Luis Gómez, Glenda Salazar. Then I decided to stay in Europe because of the opportunity to develop my studies at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). I moved to Paris where there was a greater interest in the visual arts than in Valencia, where I previously lived “.

In that period you did the Master and the Doctorate. How much did these studies give you?

RF: “The Master was like a preparation for the Doctorate. During that period of time I received several courses that included ten different subjects during a year and then I enrolled in the Doctorate that lasted four years. I finished in 2015. The research capacity was one of the skills I developed, to be able to prepare for my classes as a plastic arts teacher, to study and focus on a subject “.

Nature is the protagonist of your work, although some paintings with representations of man are always observed, the intention is to reflect the interrelation that is established between both, but giving greater weight to the elements of the landscape …

RF: “That’s right, although my landscape is not realistic, I do not make postcards. They are always images that I take of reality and I reinterpret them according to what I believe, what I analyze or imagine. ”

Let’s talk in more detail about the presence of Matanzas in your pieces, the influence of the great masters of the Matanzas landscape in shaping your creations.

RF: “Francisco Cobo was a very strong influence for me. I remember that the first painting that I copied when I was 14 years old was a marine of  Cobo, a landscape on the beach of Varadero with pine trees. My mother still keeps that attempt at painting.”Since I was little I was in contact with nature because my father lives in the neighborhood of Versailles. I went through the little park of Watkin Park and that landscape of the Yumurí pass impresses me a lot and whenever I come to Cuba I pass by, I take pictures, I am inspired.

“Matanzas is the origin of my love for nature because in this city there are paradisiacal sites: the Yumurí Valley, Canímar, and  the “Bread small hillock”. I have realized how important nature is. First, it gives us spiritual tranquility, harmony, balance and, secondly, favors the development of our health, being able to breathe a pure air. It is necessary to preserve all that beauty.

” Teachers are always like the seeds of professionals and their achievements. They are part of the sap from which, in this case an artist of the plastic arts like you, begins to see the world in a different way, as it is reflected in his paintings.

Pedro Carmona was closely linked to the first moments when Rubén discovered in painting an ideal means of expression to appease his anxieties and strip his thoughts.

Pedro, how do you feel when you look up and have an accomplished man in front of you, with excellent results?

PC: “Rubén was always one of the students that surprised, a very applied student, an observer. Before entering the School of Art I think he was well trained. He mastered the academy perfectly, the light-dark technique, the drawing. With a very critical eye, he has been able to deepen much further. This is due to the dynamics of his works, the talent with which he has won over the critics and the spectators, who praise the work, the whole completion, the possibility of being able to move to the incredible when we observe any of his paintings “.

As his teacher, what are the characteristics that distinguish the personality of Rubén’s paintings? How much have you noticed that his work has grown?

PC: “Firstly the cleaning, it was always brilliant when drawing. It develops an impeccable, precise and very creative drawing. Not only does it adhere to the academy a bit cold or stagnant but it goes further in relation to the design of the piece itself; He is constantly investigating and I think that has taken him to where he is”.

To Rubén Fuentes, humility precedes him, leaving a mixture of homesickness and pride in his eyes. Know the importance of showing in one of the capitals of world culture, the refined and suggestive art that is born in the classrooms of our art schools.

With the modesty that comes off the skin, is aware that his work represents a careful and successful exponent of the Cuban plastic arts.