8 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

A communication for local agricultural innovation.

Until tomorrow, November 29th , the National Communication Workshop of the Local Agricultural Innovation Program (PIAL) will be held in Havana, financed by the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development (COSUDE).

In this space, twelve Cuban provinces and the special municipality Isla de la Juventud participate with the objective of conceptualizing and identifying proposals for the National Communication Strategy.The Experimental Station of Pastures and Forages Indio Hatuey is part of the PIAL with a relevant action in the province of Matanzas, said the specialist of the entity, Yuvan Contino Esquijerosa.

“During the first day of the workshop, the scientific center socialized with the attendees the Audiovisual Agro-ecological Catalog with ten capsules in which Agro-ecology is the basic science of sustainable development,” said Contino Esquijerosa.

The experiences of the participants of the II Innovative Communication Competition were also presented; the work of the mountain television with the Project Picacho and the audiovisual presentation Use of the native microorganisms.

“PIAL has facilitated the participation of the various actors of Cuban society in the design, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of experiences that strengthen sustainable forms of production, marketing or exchange of food,” he added.

The actions of the Program of Local Agricultural Innovation have benefited more than 50 thousand people in Cuba with the increase of the productive yield and the labor possibilities of men and women.