1 August, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

I have seen Brazil that goes out a little in the novels.

In the municipality of Inajá, state of Paraná, George D. Suárez Mercier awaits the return to his native province of Matanzas; The young Cuban member of the Cuban brigade who collaborated with the More Doctors program in Brazil will return to the island with a more humanistic perspective on medicine.

I have seen Brazil that little comes out in the novels, beyond Ipanema and Copacabana, the reality impacts, and I am saddened by the children who work to be able to eat; I will miss my patients, it is sad to see the face of discouragement when they see me in the street; Inajá is a small town, where many do not have great economic income, explained Suarez Mercier through digital channels.

Frequently words in Portuguese slip into the sentences in Spanish, and the young doctor apologizes and explains: it is that I have three languages ​​on the telephone keypad … at the beginning communication was difficult here in Brazil because my Portuguese was very basic, but little by little I gained skill.

And linguistic inaccuracies really do not matter, because the value of George’s experience and his willingness to share them, despite the distance, outweighs all possible grammatical imprecision

“I have many anecdotes, for example, a pregnant woman who attended last year gave birth when I was about to go to Cuba on vacation, and she waited for me to return to attend to me. The mother-in-law said that her family only consulted with me because the treatment, besides being professional, was more human. ”

George was faced with evidence of perseverance and understanding, as in the case of that diabetic elderly lady, hypertensive, unbalanced because she did not take the remedies, that after many visits she finally understood the need for treatments, or the girl who was not ashamed She had been treated during the whole pregnancy and came to consultation almost at the end of her pregnancy.

Brazil is a beautiful country but there are people without doctors from Cuba who will “see it difficult” because there is another concept of medicine, added the young doctor convinced that Cubans made the difference because they do not see the patient as a commodity.