8 May, 2021

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The plan of the economy cannot be a bureaucratic exercise.

The maxim that the plan of the economy cannot be a bureaucratic exercise, transcended in the provincial workshop on economic management of the socialist state enterprise, a kind of class dictated by representatives of the National Committee of Cuba Confederation Workers (CTC) .

Alfredo Vázquez Pérez, Head of the Economic Efficiency Department, at the National CTC, explained the content of Decree No. 335, which states that the country’s business system is basically integrated by higher business management organizations (OSDE), companies and basic business units, whose concepts and functions, as well as the faculties of the directors in each case, have been precisely defined.

The leader insisted that the procedure should be written that says how workers will participate in the management of their entity, how they are involved in internal controls and in the process of preparing the plan for the economy.

Carlos Santos Finalé Aldecoa, for the Matanzas Company of Drilling and Oil Extraction Center, socialized the way in which there is elaborated the plan of the economy with the participation of workers, who must be compromised, he said, so that the figures agreed, if they are real, can be fulfilled.

The attendees had the opportunity to exchange topics related to the way in which important matters such as the preparation, approval and control of the economy’s plan are decided in Cuba, as well as the payment systems that are of great concern to part of the Cuban labor population.

The poultry company explained the experience of how attention to workers is the key if it is to achieve optimal results, performance that should be revered with a fair distribution of money, so that each one wins according to what it contributes, with their participation in the process of creating wealth.

Several interventions alluded to the need for union leadership to demand real economic plans, and payment systems adjusted to what each one contributes.

Enrique Cisneros Morris, head of the Employment and Salary Department, reflected on the collaboration of workers in the productive process, and their real insertion in the different phases of the preparation of the plan

. “We have to explain to the workers that without production there will be no payment systems, but that the payment systems are not the culprits, but that the problem to be solved is in the regulations that are usually done inadequately and do not always correspond to the level of compliance with the directive indicators “.

Isdalis Rodríguez Rodríguez, member of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party and general secretary of the CTC in Matanzas, called to study the legislation, decrees put into effect to demand that, for example, the basic business units apply the payment system as must be.

He illustrated that the Municipal Gastronomy Company of Matanzas has been depriving all of the payments to the centers that do create wealth through the fault of others that fail, for the simple reason that the payment system is within the scope of the company and this, In addition, it has delayed economic losses, which makes it even more difficult to distribute money in proportion to what the workers contribute.

“These issues have to be evaluated in a different way,” Rodríguez Rodríguez warned. “We are at a favorable time, because soon there will be a preparation of union leaders in the face of the discussion of the 2019 plan, where employees must be presented with the payment system, which is only approved, he said, if they are mutually agreed upon union and management “.

The workshop brought together representatives of the trade union movement of this western territory, administrative leaders, officials of the Labor and Social Security directorates, Economy and Planning, Finance and Prices and delegates to the final sessions of the Congress 21st of the CTC.

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