8 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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Matanzas fulfills the small harvest.

The province of Matanzas fulfilled the “small harvest” of the current contest 2018-2019, informed Ricardo Sánchez Calero, director of the Sugar Company.

Although the territory achieved its commitment, it is expected, in greeting to the 60th anniversary of the Revolution, to start the New Year with two thousand 500 tons of sugar over the plan of the small harvest.

The best plants are the Jesús Rabí, in the municipality of Calimete, and Mario Muñoz, the colossus of Los Arabos, which has already doubled the production of refined sugar.

In the mills of the municipality of Colón, René Fraga Moreno and Mexico, parameters such as the efficiency and quality of the cane are prioritized.

The province of Matanzas occupies the sixth place nationally and the second as ground, said Ricardo Sanchez Calero.

The small harvest comprises from November to December 31st. In the current contest, according to statements by Liobel Pérez Hernández, institutional communicator of AZCUBA Sugar Group, it is possible that the country will break the record of the largest small harvest since 2002.