18 September, 2021

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Civic Illiteracy I: The C of Roberto.

A few days ago the colleague Roberto Jesus Hernandez spoke on this site an allusive comment, mainly to the fact that “no one has moved a finger …” to correct an error in the phrase Historic Center, the latter without the letter c, until that moment absent from the signage of a part of the city of Matanzas as a National Monument, plaque located in the Plaza de la Vigía.


Parking is prohibited inside the Plaza de la Vigía.

In a call to the collective conscience, rather to the public debate, the journalist encouraged to continue reflecting from a lucid provocation: “With” C “is also written Control, Constancy, Consciousness, Quality, Civics, Commitment … Let the reader decide what hits the “C” that is missing. ”

I would put another C, to be consistent, the only way to maintain, to continue, to perpetuate the resuscitation for the 325 anniversary of the founding date of the city of Matanzas, which, as he said, has as many lights as spots.

Some peoplen in Matanzas follow, better, some who inhabit this city, incoherent between the desire of a beautiful, clean city, with recreational options and the way to revere that aspiration with a true citizen behavior.

Many fingers will have to move, returning to the journalist Roberto, to stop this kind of civic illiteracy manifested in many people. For now, three examples are enough, seen a few hours ago in my morning walk, between the Parque de la Libertad and Peñas Altas.

Example 1: The recently opened Vigía Square lights a red spotlight at Café Atenas, also beautifully reopened. It happens that the outer wall of its terrace has turned it into a public bar that prefer to drink there without taking into account the physical and image damage done to a place that could well become an icon of Cuban tourism. There are plenty of conditions only that it would be necessary to rethink the convenience of what is offered there and at what price. The exclusive and the quality must be managed differently so that Café Atenas does not lose its flavor.

Example 2: The non-agricultural cooperative La Concordia is responsible, according to Communal workers, for the construction of the wall of the viaduct’s boardwalk and also for the trail of materials left there, as if a country like this could afford to throw away arid as the amount stacked near a work that evidently did not care for its culture of detail. At what cost is it built when resources are squandered?

Example 3: Despite a sign that reads: Forbidden to fish and pull the bridge, every day, about twelve fishermen build their nets on the two bridges of the Viaduct and there, before the eyes of Matanzas, capture at will. It matters little if human action compromises the useful life of the road, its durability. There is still fishing.

Only three evidences I have cited. Three incorrect ways to interact with the environment. There is more and we know it. Sadly Matanzas reality is teaching too many errors, those that are associated with human behavior, laziness, abandonment.

These are very harmful practices, extended over time, perpetuated because it is not fought with punitive measures.Control, Constancy, Consciousness, Quality, Civics, Commitment, these and other C are necessary to learn to dialogue, from the respect, with the city.

The authorities should  take action on the matter  not just by placing a couple of police patrols here and there. Civic illiteracy is not cured in this way. This is not how it is solved.

 These people are also badly located that mistreat social property.

Remains of materials show lack of detail culture in the construction of the wall of the pier.

The action of these fishermen risks the durability of the Guanima bridge.


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