18 September, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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I retire or I do not retire? Here is the question.

They say that for some the retirement is the propitious moment to “hang the gloves”, as it would be said in the sports slang, but for others the idea is not processed, it is not conceived, because their mind and their energy are in combat disposition in any ring

What happens is that healthy lifestyles and the increasing life expectancy, do not allow retirement to be associated with the decline of existence, nor the idea of ​​a definitive rest after many years of working life.

During the third age it can be useful to the community, either through actions related to mass organizations in the neighborhood, with grandparents’ circles or in activities of activism in schools.Because it is worth knowing that work in the third age is more a work of mind than physical work, because what is necessary is to feel fulfilled, occupied and also active and younger.

Many Cubans consider the waste that supposes for our society not to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and professional experiences of those who retire. But some will say, I already worked enough and I deserve to retire.

It is true and is evident in the main causes that motivated this act, such as cardiovascular diseases and alterations of the bone and muscle system. That is why it is important, to avoid later impacts, to understand the preparation of that stage, which implies a process of educational training and learning new habits that are developed in the transition phase from worker to retiree.

Any advance in that sense will have an effect on a healthier aging, because it is the people who feel useful and necessary who are happy.