8 May, 2021

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Sugar Cane Harvest in Matanzas: with three plants, but with efficiency.

After a reprogramming of the 2018-2019 harvest in the province, it was decided to stop milling at the “René Fraga” plant in the municipality of Colón, due to inefficiency.

According to the statements of Ricardo Sanchez Calero, director of the Matanzas Sugar Company, although the Colombian industry started stable and fulfilled the small harvest in the last two months has presented breaks in the industry and labor instability that has affected the productive indicators and in the wages of workers.

Today, the workforce of the mill is trained in a theoretical and practical way to face the coming reparations period and the next contest at the end of November.

In addition, the cane, from René Fraga, is moved to the other three plants, “Jesús Rabí”, in the municipality of Calimete, the colossus of Los Arabos “Mario Muñoz” and “Mexico”, in Colón, which have stability in the ground .

The province of Matanzas, which occupies the fifth place in Cuba, fulfills the economic technical plan foreseen for the 2018-2019 harvest only at 90 percent with more than eight thousand tons of delay.

PreciseS Sanchez Calero that since the end of January until this month various factors have influenced the milling, mainly the rain, that accumulated surpasses the 200 millimeters and the industrial breaks in the power stations that report lost time.

In spite of this panorama, the “Mario Muñoz” plant will comply with the production of refined sugar at the end of March and must supply nine thousand tons of the fine grass above the plan.

Ricardo Sanchez Calero, director of the Matanzas Sugar Company, said that with the three industries, which are currently grinding, there are real possibilities to meet the harvest if you work efficiently.